About Alizka

And About ALIZKA

OK, but why Alizka?

As I said, my name is Alireza Zaki, In a creative move which I had no part in it, some of my close friends created Alizka from the combination of my first and last name. Later, I found out that Alizka is not a meaningless word and is actually a Greek name, of course, for a girl! But considering that I believe that names do not define the identity of people and things, I use Alizka as my nickname.

Crazy about FOOTBALL

I grew up with football since I was 6,7 years old, I cried at footballs, I was happy with goals, I felt proud with my team’s championship and I couldn’t sleep at night with their failure.

And almost the beginning of all the activities I have now was because of football.

A manager with relevant education!

I spent 4 years of my life in Alborz College and graduated in Mathematics. After that, I studied at the bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I graduated from University of Tehran with a master’s degree in Industrial Management, Quality and Productivity Management.

An ADORER of books and films

Books, films and series are an integral part of my life. I prefer to spend any extra time I find in my day on one of these things and to this day I have tried to be a good listener for book pages and a good viewer for film sequences.