It's Alizka Portfolio but
First of All...

I’m a Marketing Manager and Digital Strategist with more than 6 years experience in Strategy, Content, Digital marketing, Web design, Film editing and also Graphics.

I first dipped my toes in the professional world with Jam Publications, where I was the go-to person for all things digital marketing for their textbook printing. Then, I switched gears and joined Huntshop’s online store. I was juggling roles as the Digital Marketing Manager and Online Store Manager for close to 2 years. This cool store is all about hunting and camping gear.

So, back in late 2019, I hopped on board with the Pand Industrial Group. These guys are big in the weighing industry, making everything from scales to weighbridges. I kicked off my journey with them as a Content Manager at PandCaspian. A year into it, they bumped me up to the Digital Marketing Manager role. And guess what? I later got promoted to the Marketing Manager position!


So, in the meantime, me and a couple of my work buddies started this cool startup called PandPlus. We’re all about providing digital marketing services.

On the side, I freelanced for a year with IRIB and Varzesh TV. I got to edit over 40 football teasers for them. Fun times!

So, 2022 kicked off with me landing the gig as Marketing Manager at PandCaspin. Pretty cool, right? But that’s not all. I also work with ProTarget’s online store as their go-to guy for digital strategy research. And guess what? I’m also the Director of Marketing Research for MOA Coffee. Busy times, but I love it!